Tales of a Thousand and One Furniture

In the past few months, our furniture catalog almost doubled its size. In March 2016, Space Designer 3D included around 600 furniture. Five months later, we are proud to announce that we came across the symbolic figure of 1000 items! Creating these furniture taught us a lot, not only about 3D modeling but also about ourselves.

Image Showing Different 3D Furniture Available In Space Designer 3D

Some of the furniture available in Space Designer 3D.

“Where is my normal map?”

First of all, it’s important to remind you that our 3D artists create all the furniture available in Space Designer 3D. Besides some rage quits when their computers freeze - easily solved with some patience and a cup of coffee -, our designers’ journey to a thousand furniture went really great. Each furniture created allows the team to think about what could be improved, and how to make each item even more realistic than the previous one. It led us to amazing results: the latest added items are photorealistic, even without 3D rendering.

3D Artist Working On A 3D Furniture For Space Designer 3D

Yes, one of our 3D artists needs a musical mushroom, Wall-E and a solar powered dancing flower to get focused.

Not only did the furniture become more realistic with practice and a better understanding of the requirements of a high definition resolution within the software, but what helped us improve the most are your feedbacks. By sending us emails or reaching us through social media, you made us more aware of some of your interior design needs, whether concerning general quality, details or addition of new furniture.

We also learned something we didn’t quite expect: real life is messy, and so should be our home design. Of course, I don’t mean that you should leave your dirty socks on the ground and don’t do the dishes. By “mess”, we refer to small items that aren’t furniture, but brings life to a home. For instance, we added electrical outlets, an extinguisher, plates, towels, and mugs. Very different kinds of items, yet owned by a majority of people. We used to think that they were details, not needed for drawing a floor plan or creating a home design as it isn’t purely construction or furniture. And we were wrong. Adding a small amount of details in a project gives it a whole new dimension. Instead of an empty room with four walls, adding some interrupters and electrical outlets allows you to preview where to place furniture by taking into account what would need to be plugged in, such as kitchen appliance, a computer or a television.

Industrial 3D Living Room Interior Design

In this scene, "messy" items include bread, bottle and plates on the kitchen island; newspaper, wired basket and wooden lantern on the coffee table.

(Almost) Traveling around the world

Reading your feedback made us realize something else that might seem obvious: every country has a different lifestyle, therefore different kinds of interior design. As you may know, most of Space Designer 3D team is based in France. Of course, all furniture isn’t the same, even here: sofas can be made in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Even if we knew that preferences depended on various areas, we didn’t realize how much culture influenced home design.

Let me give you an example: in France, most houses are around a hundred square meters (a thousand square feet), furniture aren’t too fancy and decoration is light. In the US, most houses created with Space Designer 3D are way bigger, with open floor plans and large furniture. There even is some furniture used in a country but not in another: there is no such thing as a breakfast nook in France!

Floor Plans Differences Between France And USA

There are major differences between floor plans depending on the country.

Considering these differences, we added American furniture to the European ones that were already in our catalog. But, of course, the world doesn’t revolve around the United States and Europe only! We are currently adding Middle-East furniture, and are looking for Asian or African home design inspiration. As styles can be different within countries of the same continent, and even within countries themselves, this is a long-term work we are trying to achieve as fast as possible.

A thousand and counting

A thousand furniture is just the beginning. We plan on adding new furniture on a daily basis, to provide you with a large range of items to combine for your interior design ideas. We will regularly post pictures of the newest items on our social medias and newsletter, so follow us to discover the brand new furniture in each category!

Office Break Room Interior Design

Houses are not the only kind of architectural projects made with Space Designer 3D.

If you would like to see a special kind of furniture added to Space Designer 3D, or a different interior design style, feel free to send us an email at [email protected], we would be really happy to discover your tastes. You can even share pictures of your house! Our goal is to let anyone create their dream house, and to do so we have to offer you all kinds of furniture to create your own home design. If you think we are missing something, feel free to tell us.