2016 Rewind: What happened this year?

As 2016 is coming to an end, it is time to look back to everything that happened this year. Here are some of the things that made it a fantastic year at Space Designer 3D.

Space Designer 3D On Computer, Tablet And Smartphone With Message Happy New Year 2017

The Space Designer 3D Team wishes you a happy New Year!

Mobile Version

When you are not home but wish to access content only available through an application, it is always complicated and time-consuming to look for a decent bandwidth, launch your smartphone application store, find the desired app, wait for it to download and install before finally be able to see what you were looking for. To avoid such discomfort, Space Designer 3D found an alternative for mobiles: instead of an application, you can access your floor plans with the mobile version of our website. When launching Space Designer 3D, your mobile browser will automatically be detected, and you will be redirected to a special version, made just for mobiles. It enhances the visualization of your floor plans and hides the editing panel so you can enjoy your projects to the fullest.


You may have noticed a new icon in the navigation bar of Space Designer 3D mobile version, looking like the logo of Google Cardboard. If you click on this icon, your project will automatically adjust to be seen with a virtual reality head-mounted display. You can walk in your 3D home and view it with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other VR device that lets you use your phone.

3D Floor Plan Of A French House

Photorealistic 3D floor plans on demand: that is the ArchiFab promise.


ArchiFab is a project we have been thinking about for some time. Whether you plan on buying or selling a house, there is always a time one needs to draw professional-looking floor plans. More than just a sketch to show the placement of each room, a floor plan is a key to presenting a house to someone who never visited it, and can be crucial as it is the first opinion of your house one will get. The importance of good quality floor plans is even more important for real estate professionals: how to stand out of the crowd with basic floor plans nobody understands? This is where ArchiFab kicks in. Based on our experience with Space Designer 3D, our team of architects and interior designers reproduce basic floor plans and turn them into immersive 3D models within 48 hours. Say goodbye to annoying unreadable floor plans!

Best French Start-Up Nominee

This is one of our 2016 highlights, and we are proud: we are one of the Top 50 best French startups of all times. This ranking is not a static one, based on the review of a single journalist or blogger who could be biaised. Instead, it is made with a dynamic scoring system, where readers come and vote for the start-up they like the most. Among more than 2500 listed start-ups, we are ranked in the Top 50 of all times! You can help us be awarded “ Best French Start-Up” by voting for us.

Image With Several 3D Furniture Available In Space Designer 3D

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, office design.. You can create any interior design thanks to the Space Designer 3D furniture catalog.

1000+ 3D furniture

In 2016 only, our catalog almost doubled its size. The furniture is essential when it comes to creating interior design, so we are dedicated to increasing the volume of our furniture catalog and the quality of the 3D models. Space Designer 3D now includes more than 1000 high-quality furniture, allowing you to create the perfect interior design for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, garden or office. If you can’t find the furniture you are looking for while creating your home design, please send us an email at [email protected] so we can keep on improving our 3D furniture catalog.

Primitive Shapes

For months, we have been looking for ways to let you express your creativity without the limitations of our existing catalog. We created more and more furniture, let you change its colors and dimensions, but that didn’t quite match our expectations. How to let you create your perfect interior design, including each variation that could be specific to your home, even if we never thought of such specifications or don’t have the exact measurements? The answer was easier than we thought: primitive shapes. These shapes are common on 3D creation software, allowing anyone to create almost any new shape based on the most classical ones: cube, cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramid, and torus. Nothing fancy! Combining such shapes allows you to create new furniture, exposed beams, columns, ceiling vents or any other feature that makes your home unique.

3D Characters In A 3D Living Room

Time to party!


What would be a house without its inhabitants? As people are the core of any home, we introduced a new category in the 3D objects catalog: characters. It includes several body types, ages, and positions to be as realistic as possible. Add a man sitting on a couch talking to a young woman holding her daughter in her arms and put some life in your interior design!

Space Designer 3D on Social Media

Like cavemen, our team used to hide behind Space Designer 3D, too shy to say hello to the world. But that’s history! We activated our accounts on Social Media to share your good floor plans and interior design ideas, as well as keep you in touch with our latest updates. If you are not following us yet, you can join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Feel free to say hi; we won’t bite.

3D Floor Plan Of A House With Garden And Garage

The version 4.0 of Space Designer 3D is finally here!

V4 Development

The main focus of our developers this year was to make the new version of Space Designer 3D, also known as V4. From the interface to wall snaps or configuration panels, everything was improved to provide you with the best floor planning application you could wish for, no matter the technological constraints. A dedicated blog post will give you more details about the development process, new features, and modifications to the existing ones. Stay tuned!

Thank you for spending this year with us! We can’t wait to dive into 2017 with you. Is there anything you would like us to consider for 2017? Send us an email at [email protected]; we love to hear from you!