Project of the Month - December 2016

Every month, our team of architects and interior designers will select one project which truly stands out of the crowd, whether for its amazing design, creative floor plan, originality or overall quality.

The first project awarded as Project of the Month is called Melrose and was created by Diane N. from Washington DC, USA. This project is a two-storey house including three bedrooms with their respective bathrooms, a separate guest room, a parking lot and a little garden. Spacious and filled with light, this house is a great example of ingenious home design.

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3D Floor Plan of a two-storey house

The ground level floor plan reveals a spacious area including an open kitchen, a living room, and a dining room, as well as a bedroom, its bathroom, a front patio and an outdoor garden.


After parking our car in the designed parking area, we open the entrance gate and discover a lovely house with two floors. On our left, a patio is waiting for us to sit and enjoy a drink under the shadow of a blooming cherry tree. An outside shower is next to the seatings, to cool guests during a hot summer.

3D Outdoor Patio

The seatings are in a U-shape so that inhabitants can choose between a sunbath or enjoy some shadows while facing each other.

A few steps behind, a bay window gives a sneak peek on the inside of the house. The entrance door stands right next to it, as an invitation to find out more.

3D House Entrance

The entrance sets the tone of the home design.

Seven gray columns separate the entrance from the rest of the house. Thin and high, they emphasize the ceiling height while allowing natural light to flow with no obstacle.

Dining Room

3D Dining Room Design

The dining room combines natural tones with splashes of color.

Behind the columns, the dining room appears. The decoration, made from wood and shades of gray, create a warm atmosphere in the house. The dining room is isolated enough to have a discussion while people are chatting or watching TV in the living room, but is still accessible from anywhere as it isn't in a closed space. It remains conveniently close to the kitchen, so the dishes don't get cold before being served.

Living Room

3D Living Room Design

The living room brings a touch of green and blue to the home design.

Past the dining room, the living room is a colorful place where blue and green tones are dominant. These colors are relaxing and the placing of seatings reinforce the cocooning feeling. There is enough space to welcome a dozen guests, while not taking too much space on the rest of the house.


3D Kitchen Design

The open kitchen doesn't cut the cook away from his guests.

Facing the living room, the wide open kitchen with its island is an invitation to cook. It is large enough to let several people walk through it, and guests can sit on the bar stools to chat with the cook of the day. A large bay window enlighten the room and gives a view on the backyard garden.


3D View Of The Garden Design

Whether for a lunch outside or a sunbath, this garden complies to its owners will.

Behind the house, the backyard garden is the perfect place for a sun bath. Residents can eat outside, protected by a sunshade. For tanning enthusiasts, two sunbathes are ready to welcome anyone wanting to lie down under the sun.

Two additional rooms are in the corners of the backyard: a storage room and a guest room. Instead of overloading closets, a storage room is a perfect area to store goods without taking up too much place.

The guest room includes a double bed and a desk, allowing guests to be independents without cutting them off from the house.

First Floor

3D View Of The Reading Nook

Grab your favorite book and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace!

Climbing the stairs, we discover the second story, colorful and cozy. A reading nook appears right next to the stairs. Red and white, this area is facing a fireplace and should be a favorite for any book lover.

The second floor also reveals two bedrooms with their respective bathrooms. Each bedroom has its own ambiance. While one has an urban style, with shades of gray and blue, the other has more natural tones thanks to the use of wood and beige textiles. The latest has access to the laundry room, which includes several dressers to stores clothes and house products.

3D Floor Plan

The whole house is well lighted by several bay window, and the floor plan is well arranged to take the most out of the available surface.

Diane N., designer of the Melrose project:

This project reflects a major remodel of my existing house; we are turning a 2-unit duplex into a single family home. Space Designer 3D is a fantastic, intuitive tool for playing around with ideas, figuring out how spaces will feel, and sharing concepts with others. It's easy to make changes and try things out that I might not have otherwise considered before.

What we liked:

  • Clever use of dimensions customisation
  • Creation of new items with furniture combinations
  • Good space design: no empty space, but without getting messy
  • Storages in each room to keep the house tidy
  • Several wide windows for a natural enlightenment
  • Good harmony in colors and tones
  • Lots of seatings to welcome multiple guests

How to go further:

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