Project of the month - January

Happy New Year! We hope you spent amazing holidays, and that 2017 will be a wonderful and creative year for all of you.

The first 2017 Project of the Month is “Appart”, designed by Tim K. from Marseille, France.

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3D House Floor Plan

Tim K., about his project:

“This floor plan is the new apartment my wife and I live in. It was heavily decorated, so it was difficult for us to imagine our future in there. Space Designer 3D helped us placing each furniture, and even re-organize the kitchen, dining room, and living room. We got rid of a huge utility closet in the bedroom, revealing an amazing master room. We couldn’t be happier.”

The floor plan reveals a one-bedroom apartment, with a large living room. This apartment is large enough to welcome a young couple and give them enough space to live comfortably. As this floor plan shows nearly 80 m² of living area, a second bedroom can be added to welcome a child.

Here is the 2D floor plan of this love nest:

2D Floor Plan

This floor plan includes a spacious master room and its bathroom in the nighttime part of the house, and a wide open kitchen, dining room and living room on the daytime part.

As you can see on this floor plan, each room is spacious and allow its inhabitants to move freely inside the apartment.

3D Kitchen and Dining Room Layout

The kitchen is wide enough to let several people cook at the same time.

Entering through the front door we are in a wide rectangular room. To the left is a large kitchen and its dining room. The kitchen layout is made so it would feel like an extension of the wall and not take too much space, which is crucial in any house. A table with four chairs stands in the middle of the room so that the couple can invite friends or family over for diner. Behind the dining area, a large window allows the sun to come in while providing the guests with a beautiful outside view.

3D Living Room Design

The corner sofa separate the living room from the rest of the house, creating a cocooning feeling.

To the right side of this spacious room, a comfy living room and its reading nook await. A contemporary leather corner sofa with colorful decorative cushions face a large window and its natural light. On the other side of a shiny glass coffee table, an armchair is available for extra guests or a bookworm who would have grabbed one of the library books for a reading session.

3D Bedroom entry

What lies behind those heavy curtains?

The other part of the apartment reveals the “night” section of the house, with a large bedroom and its bathroom. Separating the daytime and nighttime part of the house, heavy curtains create a separation while letting the sun go through the whole apartment. A white column and a black exposed beam add some vintage charm to this modern apartment.

3D Bedroom Design

This bedroom design emphatizes on the outside view.

The 20 square meter bedroom, or 220 square feet, is the heart of the house. With no less than five windows, the bedroom provides an incredible view outside and benefits from natural enlightenment. Besides the bed, there is no large furniture or predominant color. Everything fits well together, and the bedroom seems very spacious and comfortable. Breakfast in bed must be perfect in such a bedroom!


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