Frequently Asked Questions


☛ Which web browser is compatible with Space Designer 3D?

You can use Space Designer 3D with most updated web browsers.

☛ How can I use Space Designer 3D to gain efficiency?

2D plan, 3D plan and photorealistic renderings reassure the client of their choice and bring them closer to signing the final sale agreement. With Space Designer 3D, your sales representatives have the easiest communication tool to control their client meetings. They can design and customize their clients’ projects to give a real immersive visualization. They can juggle customer projects, propose ideas for better use of their architectural space, materials and products, at the speed of light.

Your sales representatives can create the 3D plan drawings themselves: no need for a design office or a team of architects.

Space Designer 3D adapts to all construction needs: Bungalows, multi-story housing, studio or apartment, luxury villa, chalet, and so much more.

Space Designer 3D saves the user time, thanks to organization and collaboration features: shared projects and plans, the ability to comment on plans, floor plan templates, and so much more.

☛ Can Space Designer 3D do photorealistic renderings?

Yes, Space Designer 3D can do photorealistic renderings under all licences.

☛ How much does Space Designer 3D cost?

We have different price points depending on your needs. You can find out what plan fits your budget here.

☛ Can I purchase the software if I am not based in France?

Yes, you can purchase Space Designer 3D wherever you are.

☛ Will membership be charged automatically?

Yes, however you can cancel anytime for free, no fees.

☛ Can I cancel anytime, and is it free?

Yes, you can cancel anytime for free, no fees.

☛ Can Space Designer 3D replace my current software?

It depends on the type of software you use. Space Designer 3D is an online software that is very intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing anyone to draw plans in a matter of moments without requiring any special skills. However, it is before and foremost a sales support tool, used to compliment your salespeople’s skills. It will not replace your Revit, but it might very well replace some of your current softwares.

☛ Can I share my projects with people? Can they comment on it?

Yes, you can share your projects with anyone, and they can comment on it. However, they will not be able to make any changes.

☛ Are my projects my property?

Your projects will appear under your back-office. They are your property, therefore we will not be using any projects from your back-office unless asked otherwise. Your back-office and all the clients you will gather there, as well are their (and your) projects will be your property.

☛ Where are my projects hosted?

Space Designer 3D hosts projects on Cloudflare and AWS.

Support and access

☛ Where can I find basic tutorials to learn the fundamentals of Space Designer 3D?

You can find basic tutorials on our Youtube page.

With a user account, the back-office will contain how-to documents which will walk you through the main steps, and getting used to the software.

☛ What languages are supported by Space Designer 3D?

Space Designer 3D has full support in English and French. We currently are working on a Portugese version. If your language doesn’t appear, please contact us and we might be able to help.

☛ What language does the support team speak?

Our team speaks English, French, Turkish, Russian, and Hungarian.

☛ How fast should my Internet connection be to use Space Designer 3D?

Space Designer 3D will work with any internet connection. However, for optimal use, high speed is recommended.

☛ If I get disconnected while working, will I lose my work?

Space Designer 3D saves your work every 2 minutes. Some actions will automatically trigger a saving. So even in the case of a disconnection, most actions will be saved and you will be able to continue your work where you left off.

☛ Can I download a project to access it offline?

While the project is open, you can take screenshots and download these images. However, you cannot access projects without an internet connection. If the project is already opened, you can keep using the application offline, however your changes will not be saved.

☛ What if I don’t have an internet connection?

Space Designer 3D is an online software, it cannot function without an internet connection.

☛ Can you draw floor plans for me?

Yes, our team can draw floor plans for you. Prices are established per square meter or per square foot. For more information, click here.

Entreprise License

☛ Can I get a free trial before I purchase the Entreprise License?

Yes. Please contact us if you wish to try out our software before purchasing it.

☛ How long does it take to implement Space Designer 3D into our website?

Space Designer 3D can be implemented and made operational on your website in two business days.

☛ Do I get a back-office?

Yes, a back-office will be created for you under an Enterprise License.

☛ Can I import my 3D models myself?

Yes, our back-office functionality allows you to do that. All you need is an Enterprise Licence and a team of designers who have already created the 3D models on 3ds Max or another designer software.

☛ Can I use Space Designer 3D with other software?

Space Designer 3D is compatible with most other software : Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp, Matterport, and others. Make sure to send us an email to check that the software you use is compatible with Space Designer 3D. Chances are, if it is not, we can do an integration.

☛ Will I get training?

Under an Enterprise Licence, you will get two free online training courses where our team will teach you the basics of Space Designer 3D. If your team needs more time, more training hours can be purchased.

☛ How does e-commerce implementation work with Space Designer 3D?

From the inventory option in Space Designer 3D, an “add to cart” button will be added, which will automatically send the customer to the e-commerce site (Virtue Mart, Shopify, Magento 2, Prestashop, Woo-commerce, etc).

☛ Can I “add to cart” my furniture?

Yes, with the e-commerce solution, clients can “add to cart” all the items that have been flagged to be inventoried and buy straight away!

☛ Can I use any domain name with Space Designer 3D?

Yes, with an Enterprise Licence, Space Designer 3D can be implemented under a white label.

☛ Will I need to pay for updates?

No, you will not need to pay for updates. As the software is online, any updates will be made available to you without any additional fees.

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