Employee Spotlight - Tatiana Krasilnikova - Production manager

What is your role?

I am head of production at Asynth. Now, I manage the 3D design team, composed of two architects, and a 3D designer. We import 3D products, for customers' catalogs and ours. We use 3dsMax, Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp and our own plugins: it's a big part of the job. We also work on the creation of plans, which we create when a customer places an order with us, and which we use to test the software. We do big testing in collaboration with our development team. Finally, we offer customer support and teach customers how to make their own templates and plans. I communicate a lot with customers and developers about new features and bug fixes. I participate in custom development for our B2B clients, and our own products. I’m currently working on photorealistic rendering management, as well as a new 3dsMax export plugin.

How did you find Asynth?

Originally, I am an environmental architect in Russia. I worked for ten years in Russia, first as an architect, then as a senior architect. I was in Moscow as a construction manager. I was involved in projects like the interiors of Moscow city buildings, a network of medical clinics, the office plans of buildings on the Derbenevskaya embankment. We did a project on the launch of an e-commerce website, and I managed a 3D design department there. After Russia I came to France, and to learn French, I took a master's degree course in visual arts at the university. I had to find an internship at the end of the year, and that's how I came across Asynth. At the end of my internship, in August 2017, they offered me a more permanent position.

What do you like most about Asynth?

I like the very warm ambience, the fact that there are different tasks to do every day. With an international and delocalized team like ours, a lot of communication is necessary, yet we all have the right to express our opinions. And then there are cats, dogs, children, a big park, it's a good working atmosphere.

If you had to choose a strength that you bring to a team, what would it be?

I'm stubborn. I hope that's an advantage because I don't let anything get by. If there's a bug that needs fixing, I'll ask the people involved every day. I never give up. I'm kind, but stubborn.

What are you most proud to achieve in your current position?

A little bit of everything. I like it when everything works well, when the renderings and the plans are beautiful, when things are well done, when everyone is happy.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

At the moment I like to do work in my new house. I like to see my friends, go for a walk... I like nature, spending time with animals, going to the sea... I'm often busy with what's going on in Russia since my family stayed there, and I still have good contact with my former colleagues.

What are the challenges you face in your current position?

All designers work remotely. Jamshed and Anastasia work in Russia. Lorinc works in Hungary. We spend more time on communication than others. And as our team grows, that's all the more important. Because the team is international, we have to make sure that everyone understands the tasks assigned.