4 Ways Going Digital is Reducing Waste


Should the construction industry go digital? Digital began its invasion of the construction industry almost 15 years ago, but it really took off two or three years ago. A disaster? Not really.

Drawbacks of a non-BIM System in the Construction Industry


In the construction industry, there is no standard requiring that a project stay in the same file format throughout the building and designing process. All parties involved in construction can import and export the same file in various formats. 2D drawing

A Simple Tool to Redesign Public Spaces in the Age of Covid-19


The Physical Distancing Tool gives you circles and cylinders of varying radiuses representing the minimum space an individual is supposed to take up in order to stay safe in public places. These circles, referred to in this presentation as PDT, have algor

Tendencies of Modular Construction


If you have ever wondered whether modular construction was a good fit for you or your company, let's evaluate the pros and cons.

The Dematerialization and Digitalization of Floorplans


Floor plans, simply put, are lifesavers. Their job is to ensure that any and all challenges faced before construction are confronted with straight away, before the first brick is put down, before the first wall is teared down. You can play with partitions