Few projects are completed by one person, and Space Designer is no exception.
We'd like to thank the following individuals for their contributions.

Managing Director
Isabelle Tristrant
IT Director
Baris Saricoglu
Marketing Communication & Sales
Marketing & Communication Manager
Ophélie Castelot
Marketing and Sales (France)
Ibrahim Khalaf
Marketing and Sales (USA)
Patrick Daniels
Commercial Assistant
Laure-Anne Rolland-Castagnedoli
Development Team
Lead Developer
Andrew Varga
Senior Developer
Zoltán Vrana
Junior Developer
Maxence Bricault
Junior Developer
Ákos Póczik
Graphical Content and Art
Lead 3D Design Manager
Raphaël Lopez Del Hoyo
Graphic Designer
Elsa Coussy
3D Designer
Ranjit Singh Rana
CAD Drafter
Tanya Pervakova
Business and Legal Advice
Legal Advisor
Jonathan Carrez
Business Strategist
Eren Saricoglu
Business Strategist
Céline Amblard
Were part of the team
Junior Developer
Jocelyn Benard
Software Developer
Jérôme Deledda
Communication Web Marketing Manager
Catherine Voreppe
3D Designer
Wentas Woo
3D Designer
Timothée Dhenain
Web Developer
Cyril Cionco
Business Marketing Management
Aurélien Chouvet
Web Developer
Athilie Vuillemard
Marketing Analyst
Mélanie Philippe
Copywriter (USA)
Michael Galvin
Copywriter (USA)
Cathleen Marshall
Brazilian Writer and Translator
Alexandre Quadros Sarian
Architectural Graphic Designer
Dmytro Mazur
Interface proposal (2015)
Mohitosh Bhattacharjee
Asynth Logo Designed By
Patrick Daniels
Kris Cone
Jacky Joly
Eren Saricoglu
AV Planners, Inc
Craig Heiman
EventsClique, Inc.
Kristin McClune Carroll
Table de Manon, Best Cooks Ever
Vincent et Prescillia