Help - Interior Design

Interior Design

Add furniture

► Watch the video tutorial

Choose the furniture you want to add to your 3D house or office through the furnish panel on the left. You can either search a specific item in the search tool or go through the different furniture categories. Each category includes several items with multiple designs.

Move your furniture

Select an item and drag it to the selected area. Rotate it using the rotate arrow under the item.

Change dimensions of an item

To change the dimensions of an item, click on it to open its properties panel. You can change its width, depth and height, raise it from the floor, rotate or flip it.

Copy an item

If you want to duplicate an item without searching it again in the catalog, click on the item to open its properties panel. At the bottom of this window, click on the right gray "Copy" button to place a copy of this item in your floor plan.

Add a label to an item

A label allows you to give a specific name to an item (e.g. name on a chair). To add a label, click on an item to make its properties panel to open. Click on the label; blank field, and name it. Labels appear on items only in 2D Floor Plan.

Colors and Textures

Surface color and materials

► Watch the video tutorial for floor material

► Watch the video tutorial for wall material

To change floor, ceiling or walls material, click on the room label.

In the properties menu, select the part of room or wall to change. The setup window offers a wide range of colors and materials to combine or not.

Add two different textures to a wall

► Watch the video tutorial

When you want to apply materials to a wall, you can choose which side of the wall you want to work on. Click on the wall you want to decorate. The "Wall Properties" window will appear, with two boxes under "Materials". Each box show the material currently used on one side of the wall: the right box stands for the internal side of the wall and the left box for the external side.

2D and 3D Mode


► Watch the video tutorial

The camera allows you to choose where to look at before activating the 3D Walk mode. You can move it around by simply click and grab it like any other furniture in 2D Floor Plan. The light cone shows where the camera is aiming.

In this example, the camera is aiming at the sofa in 2D Floor Plan.

In 3D Walk, we are looking where the camera was aiming in 2D Floor Plan. Therefore, we are looking at the sofa.

2D Plan

Create your floor plan in 2D.

You can choose where to begin your 3D Walk tour by moving the camera in 2D Floor Plan. When the 3D Walk is enabled, you will see what stands in front of the light cone.

3D Walk

Move into your project in 3D, as if you walked in your floor plan. 3D Walk is useful to adjust the positioning of items and estimate what your project will look like in real life.

3D Global

See your 2D floor plan in 3D. You will see your project from above, have a better look on what it looks like, but will not be able to move in your project like in 3D Walk.

Move Items in 3D Mode

When you are in 3D mode, you can move your items in 3D. As you have a better vision of the scene, you can adjust the positioning of an item. The double arrow allows you to move the item up and down, the rotate arrow allows you to rotate it so your item is exactly where you want it to be.