##Is Space Designer 3D is the Right Tool for You ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/000195/image2.png) Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of real estate properties were presented by a real-life salesperson, who would be present with the client to showcase and help them find their dream home. For custom housing, the salesperson would meet with the client a few times to define their wants and needs and start on a floor plan. In the recent weeks however, a new marketing process has started to appear  in the construction industry— all-digital selling. Meeting the client during this crisis has become a hurdle only digital tools can solve. If physical contact is banned, or at least severely discouraged, the industry cannot keep behaving the way it did before Covid-19. Like with all adjustments, we must research, and adapt. Having the right tool for the right objective is something any contractor will tell you is critical. So before getting any BIM software to transition your salespeople out of a non-BIM process, here are a few things you should consider. #1- Which activity sector ? There are dozens, if not hundreds of softwares designed to help you make the best of your time and money when switching to a BIM model. But there is no point in hastily picking any random software that you’ve heard of to support your team. Are you looking for a tool for grand scale industrial building needs, or your custom house building needs ? Do you need a software that helps you draw and calculate dimensions, or a tool for your salespeople to sell more houses? Do you need an exploded axonometric view for your building team, or a tool that can give you a photorealistic rendering for you to send to your client ? ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/000195/image5.png) Depending on your activity sector, some softwares will make more sense than others. Keep in mind that even for companies working in the same industry, objectives might not be the same. It therefore wouldn’t make sense to purchase the exact same software as your competitors. If your goal is to have a more interactive customer experience, you won’t buy the same software as your competitor, whose goal might be to have a CRM system to follow up on sales. #2- Which skill level is it built for ? One can divide softwares into three categories: Beginner, intermediate, and professional. Some softwares are clearly dedicated to one category over another. Blender and SketchUp, to name just a few, are difficult to use by an ordinary person without training. On the contrary, Space Designer 3D or Planner 5D can be used by anyone without any previous experience. The softwares are easy-to-use, yet functionalities expand as your ease with the program grows. There are dozens of options that you can choose depending on the complexity of the project, or the particularities of the clients. The 3D models are beautifully done and greatly resemble reality. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/000195/image3.png) If you want your clients, your sales team and your technical team to be able to access the tool, a good fit would be one able to export files in various formats. That way, all parties involved in the design and construction can have access to the software and use it to their own skill level. #3- Online application VS download ? Softwares are available in two ways: online, and desktop. A desktop software needs to be installed on your computer before it can run. A web-based software can be accessed through an internet connexion. When researching what software to choose, think about the times you will need to use it. Do you need it to be accessible from a web browser, from any computer or mobile ? Do you need it to be compatible with a specific operating system ? Do you need access to it at all time, even in internet-less places ? ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/000195/image1.png) These are specifics that matter when choosing the right software for you and your business. It all comes down to personal preferences here, but it doesn’t make the choice less important. #4- Which price ? When looking for your software, what is the maximum cost you are willing to spend ? Are you looking for a tool which will replace all or part of your current system ? Do you wish to invest in a software that will go the distance and evolve with your company, or just a basic tool for basic actions ? ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/000195/image4.png) The question to answer here is, what is your allocate budget for this digital tool, and how big a space will it take in your process. Some tools are a one-stop-shop allowing all the people involved in a project to have access, add and modify elements. Some tools are specialized in one particular step of the process and won’t be used by anyone else. So keeping all of this in mind, Space Designer 3D is the tool for you if… -You wish to generate qualified leads in a fully automated way. In order for people to save their changes, they must provide their contact information. The second they register, you receive a message with their contact information and initiate a first human contact with them. All you have to do is call this person and offer them an appointment to continue their project. -You wish to improve communication with your client. By giving them a say in their design and making the process more interactive, you create a relationship of trust and stand out from the competition. -You want each project to automatically generate a customizable inventory in list form (name of the selected products, sizes and quantities). -You want a fully customizable catalog which can be integrated into an e-commerce system to allow the purchase of selected products. -You want a tool compatible with tablets and smartphone. Choosing the right software can take time, and we strongly encourage you to assess the different options available before making your final choice.