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3D Event Designer is a Californian event-planning company that helps businesses and individuals design, and shares their events online in 3D. Their goal is to transform the way events are planned, and accelerate the real estate leasing process through innovative 3D technology.

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Kristin McCLUNE
Chief Executive Officer
3D Event Designer

We felt that the event planning industry was pretty archaic, working only with sketches and 2D floor plans, and that our clients needed 3D.

It was an idea that I had for the industry that didn’t previously exist. We wanted to create a software ourselves, reached out to other companies but it didn’t work out. That is when I found Space Designer 3D. I reached out and asked if we could adapt the software for the specific needs of the event planning industry. I told Baris and Isabelle what I had in mind, my idea about these high definition event spaces, and they said, "we can make this work".

One of the main things we needed was the ability to use the software on tablets, and we didn’t want it to be Flash-based. It has been a really big benefit for us, as a lot of potential clients were looking for something like this in our niche.

We have been using Space Designer 3D for almost ten years now. Our whole business is built around the software. We wanted to offer a new, innovative solution for the event planning industry, and the custom features of Space Designer 3D made it possible. It was the best investment we could have made over the years, and we have added so many additional features.

Space Designer 3D has really helped us grow our business over the last few years. We wouldn’t have a company without this software. Their team is constantly pushing the boundaries, not only for event planning, but for the whole software industry.

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