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Carréneuf Construction is a real estate group that invests in innovation and customer satisfaction. To do so, Carréneuf accompanies their clients in the construction process of their home from beginning to end with different tools.

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Carréneuf Construction

Before using Space Designer 3D, we used professionals to create exterior visuals. At client meetings, we would scribble on paper to show plan changes. Nowadays, we do almost all the customization of houses. Each project is different, because the house model has to be adapted to the constraints of the land. This morning, in an appointment, I selected a house model with my client, improved it according to his needs and adapted it on the ground. The client could immediately see what the house model he chose would look like.

Space Designer 3D is a sales support tool. It's a real advantage over the competition. The main advantage for me is the simplicity of use for customers. The design and visualization of projects is simple and effective. We use Space Designer 3D to acquire new prospects, define their needs, accelerate the sales process, optimize appointments, and close sales. Plans can be modified in real time, such as changing the location of a partition, without the need for a design office. In the past, changing a partition required a lot of back and forth with the designers, multiplying the number of appointments with customers before having a final version of their project. Today, you only need one appointment instead of ten.

Total immersion thanks to 3D or virtual reality seduces customers and converts them more easily. I made a sale thanks to the virtual reality headset in just two appointments: after making contact at a trade show, the prospect came to an appointment. I changed the location of a partition wall, placed his furniture and then showed him the plan. He was immediately convinced and signed. Before the appointment, we suggest that the client go and see our house models. This allows us to understand his desires, tastes, budget, even before meeting him. It helps in the pre-qualification of prospects and saves a lot of time in appointments. They tell us "I liked this model" and we start from there to find a solution adapted to their needs. I am satisfied with Space Designer, I find it very useful. Today, I make 70% to 80% of my sales with Space Designer 3D.

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