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Armoires Cuisines Action is a Canadian company that manufactures and designs kitchens and bathroom furniture. Founded in 1989, the company currently has 250 employees.

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Armoires Cuisines Action

Space Designer 3D allows the customer to visualize his project much more easily. The application also allows our kitchen designers to log on, go and see the plans made and correct them if necessary. We can now check whether a panel, handles, or countertop is missing, if everything is working. It's a real advantage for us. In online sales, it's a considerable advantage to have an online configurator over our competitors.

Armoires Cuisines Action designs, retails, manufactures, delivers and installs custom-made kitchen cabinets, vanities, cabinets, laundry rooms and walk-in closets. This requires a high degree of precision, especially with regard to the dimensions of the modules to be installed, in order to be sure that it corresponds to the space available at the customer's premises.

The company has opened an online shop. This allows Armoires Cuisines Action's customers to buy their modules via the Internet, without going to a store. However, this option poses a number of problems, particularly with regard to the possible omission of elements such as handles or panels. By opting for the Space Designer 3D custom solution, Armoires Cuisines Action allows its customers to plan their kitchen via an online designer. The customer prepares his plan on the online designer, chooses the materials for the modules and then transfers the objects from the software to their shopping cart via the integration of an e-commerce platform.

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