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MMC is a single-family home builder. The 3D configurator used by one of their sites, Maisons Olmière, allows their customers to obtain.

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Jonathan RAMBAUD
Digital Communications 0fficer
Maisons Olmières

We found the software easy to use, compared to others. The team is flexible in development, which gives us flexibility on what we want to improve and add or modify. We were looking for a 3D configurator, and it was essential for us that it be a turnkey tool. We need our customers to not leave our site when configuring their homes. During lockdown, we decided to push our digital marketing with ad-words, social network displays. At the same time we had just installed Space Designer 3D, and the acceleration curve almost doubled. We noticed that there were about three profiles on our site: prospects who come to play with the configurator, geeks who see the interest of the tool and draw intricate houses, and current prospects, who might want to buy their house. The advantages of Space Designer 3D, very clearly is the gain of contact. We opened a contact channel and that was our priority. In terms of competition, we also have an advantage, because there aren't many construction companies doing 3D, so we're at the front of the wave.

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