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Westlab Pty. Ltd. is a manufacturer and importer of laboratory equipment and consumables. Since 1993, Westlab have been dedicated to the science and laboratory industry through an innovative range of high quality laboratory products.

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3D Laboratory Design

We had had other tools before, which weren’t well utilized. We think that Space Designer 3D is a very effective way to show our customers what they’ll be getting in the end. On our website, there’s a picture of an actual lab and then there is a slide-across bar with the 3D model, and it’s really cool. I had a meeting today, and we can draw on-screen with them the design, it gives it a whoa factor. We used to do out-sourced drawings for our clients before, and they were very basic. This is much better, it allows to link it with inventory which makes the coordination process a lot easier. It’s really been an advantage, and we don’t want our competitors to copy us, because in comparison to drawing on a page, it’s much better visually. Clients are way more involved, they can visually engage with the design. Now, for custom projects, 98% of our projects go through Space Designer 3D. Before, our conversion rate was at 10%, and this year it is currently at 22%. We think it is due to a number of upgrades to our process, including our 3D planner.

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