Space Designer 3D is the web app for drawing floor plans!

Online interior design tool to create floor plans, visualize and walk through interior spaces in 3D real time.

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3D Global View to appreciate volumetrics
Simple and intuitive design  tools
3D Walk to walk through interior space in real-time
High quality furniture catalog

Promote or Redecorate

Are you planning to sell or rent your home or apartment and want to present it as a floor plan and in perspective? Are you planning to redo your furniture and décor and want to see the results before making a decision? With Space Designer 3D, you can draw, furnish, and perform a walk-through of your space!

Visualize and Experiment

Space Designer is optimized to offer in a few seconds a 3D walkthrough experience. You can save and do a walkthrough at any time during your development process. Space Designer is a web application in the Cloud and requires no installation. It performs using all standards operating systems and browsers.

2D/3D Real-time Visualizations

At any time during the composition process, switch between different views.
➤ 2D Plan to build and arrange your projects,
➤ 3D Global to appreciate volumetrics,
➤ 3D Walk to walk through interior space.

Reproduction from Existing Plans

Insert your own floor plan images into the background, set the scale and adjust transparency, and you can quickly redraw in Space Designer. Then you can easily modify furnishings, design new spaces and instantly test your ideas, all in 3D!

High Quality Prints

Print your project in high definition:
➤ 2D plans of each level in various scales,
➤ 3D outdoor perspectives of volumetries,
➤ 3D indoor perspectives of designed spaces.

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