Help - Account

Account Management

Create an account

To create an account, go to the sign-up page and select the plan you would like to subscribe to. Click on the “Sign up now” button under the plan of your choosing, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can create an account without adding your billing information, but you won’t be able to fully enjoy Space Designer 3D until you subscribe to a plan.

Account Overview

Your account profile summarizes your personal information, your subscription plan, your projects and lets you edit your password or close your account.

Account Overview Page

The account overview page shows the main information about your Space Designer 3D account.

Update Personal Information

On your profile page, the second menu to the left, allows you to edit the information available on the account overview page.

Update personal information page

Edit the information available on the account overview page.

Change your Plan

Go to your profile page and click on “Change my plan.” You will see your current plan and can select a new one.

Change plan page showing current plan and new plan

The name, description, and price of the current and new plan are shown on this page.

Change your Password

If you wish to change your password, you can reset it from your profile page. Type in your current password, and then the desired new one. 

Change your Space Designer 3D password

Make sure to use a complicated password so it cannot be guessed easily.

Delete your account

Go to “My Account”, “Profile”, and “Close your account”. Enter your email to confirm your identity and confirm you want to delete your account. Please let us know why you are leaving us in the “Message” section so we can improve!


Activate your Plan

Once a plan selected, you need to activate it to access your projects. In your profile page, the menu "Activate my plan" takes you to the subscription page where you can proceed to payment and activate your account. You will then be able to create your first floor plan.

Payment Information Page

Example of the subscription page for the "Unlimited" plan.

Payment Methods

You can pay with credit card. Make sure your card accepts international charges. 

Credit Cards Icons

Cancel subscription

You can cancel your subscription anytime. There is no time commitment and no cancellation fee.


If you encounter troubles with Space Designer 3D and would like a refund, please contact us.