2D vs 3D : Why It Should Matter to You and Your Business

3D view of an apartment with Space Designer 3D

Deciding to build a custom house is no small decision. Finding the right professional builder to build your own home can be just as difficult. How do 3D plans help you achieve your goal of getting more customers?

2D floorplans are useful for an easy-to-read representation of an overall project. Of course, you are able to visualize objects in the space, but it lacks the spatial visualization.

A 2D plan only allows the viewer one point of view. It’s therefore ideal for a basic layout of a site, having a rough idea of where objects should be placed. But is it convincing enough when your customer is looking for one of the biggest investments of their life?

2D view of an apartment with Space Designer 3D
2D view of an apartment with Space Designer 3D

So many businesses have already done the switch, like the animation film industry. People expect quality 3D renderings in animation movies, video games, and houses.. 3D is what we see in real life, we are used to it. Videos games, Virtual Reality, board games that have transformed into full scale adventures in the shape of escape rooms, and so on.

We can recognize 3D images easily, we can interpret them and immerse ourselves in them. 3D is an interactive experience. You can rotate the design, see multiple perspectives, mentally manipulate objects… 3D is an easy-to-understand communication asset.

Whatever is represented in your 3D design will ensure accuracy between all parties looking at the 3D design. In our business, the transformation may be taking longer, but it’s already happening.

IKEA launched a planner tool with a drag and drop option to place furniture in a room and shape it how the customer wants it.

Companies have risen to give customers the customization they look for when buying a kitchen, a bathroom, designing an event, all to safely see and validate a project in real time, before it’s been signed on, paid for, and before construction even begins.

3D view of an apartment with Space Designer 3D
3D view of an apartment with Space Designer 3D

In the process of building a custom home, 3D matters because it automatically builds trust between you and your client.

They can see the house, project themselves into it, see it through different perspectives and have a very clear idea of their home, their space, in all the ways that matter.

In many cases, they can also modify the space : choose materials, arrange furniture, etc. You give your client a hands-on approach, you involve them in the process of creating their dream home, and that’s what sells.

Getting your client to trust that you will listen to their needs, to their criterias, that you have spent that extra money getting a tool that allows them to feel heard, to participate in this huge leap they are taking.

Maybe now is the time to consider investing in 3D. Technology doesn’t wait, and you don’t want to be left behind.