10 Most Valuable Features of Space Designer 3D

Keep track of your prospects with this **lead generation software**. While visiting your website, your target audience can make accounts for free, design and save their projects, share it with their families, on social media, etc. Your sales team can then access their contact information thanks to their email address, and their projects thanks to the back-office, get in touch with them and help them achieve their project idea. Increase your conversion rate and transform your lead generation strategy into a sales funnel. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image3.png) Let us **modelize your product catalog**. Manage all their features internally (price, categories, textures, etc). Our back-office functionality allows you to import your own 3D models if you dedicate a team or a person for that specific task. Keep complete control of your catalog from your end. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image8.png) Blend Space Designer 3D to your own website, with your **domain name**. As a **white label** product, Space Designer 3D disappears to let your brand image shine, following your company’s color scheme, font, and logo. Avoid the process of creating your own floor plans and 3D configurator by using Space Designer 3D’s turnkey solution and save time, energy and money. Link our software to your **e-commerce solution** and turn your 3D configurator into a real-time online shopping experience. Your potential customers can add to their shopping cart all items that have been marked to be inventoried, and buy them immediately. Space Designer 3D has connections to Magento 2, Prestashop, Virtuemart and Shopify. Alternatively, Space Designer 3D can create a custom development for your needs. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image4.png) **Import and export in various formats** to compliment your already existing architectural softwares (Revit, Sketchup, Autocad, 3D Studio Max, Blender). Let your clients work with Space Designer 3D, and export their design into your professional software to add the needed specifications before sending it to the design office. This ensures that your employees’ time is used wisely and helps avoid the constant and time-consuming back-and-forth between the customers’ demands, the salesperson’s interpretation and the office design’s representation. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image1.png) From the **inventory**, a data source can be connected to Excel. It can be a simple CSV file exported by Space Designer and placed at a specific location on a hard disk, or better yet, an online service from which Excel draws data regularly. Automatically refresh quantities from the inventory and stay on top of your orders and your product availability. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/inventory.jpg) Keep complete control of your 3D planner and product catalog through your **back-office**. All functionalities are available through the back-office, from lead generation gathering to project tracking, to item tagging, to parametric information, item names, dimensions, and so much more. **Ready-to-use templates** are available for you to start as quickly as possible on your design. Start from a template and organize it your way, without the hassle of having to build it first. Choose modern, luxury, family-friendly, and go from there, designing the interior to you or your client’s liking. **Share your project** with your family and friends, your architects, your salesperson, and anyone who needs to have a look at your design. Use Facebook, Twitter, or emails. Collaborate on it together and create the best version of your unique project : house, office space, warehouse, real estate, etc. Make the project editable for receivers who have an account. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image7.png) Jot down your thoughts, quick ideas and tips with the **notes**. Place them where you need them to be with the arrows linked to the notes. They will move as you place your notes on either side of the project design, allowing everyone to know which notes are attached to which room or object. ![](/data/sites/spacedesigner/images/blog/most-valuable-features/image10.png)