So You Have Been Quarantining

Since quarantine started, we have never spent as much time at home. Working, relaxing, making dinner instead of going out to eat, even exercising, for the brave souls who wish to keep in shape despite gyms being closed. If we spent time in our houses before,we’re doing it even more now, and might still in the near future.

Do you notice the chipping paint? That closet door that just doesn’t close right anymore? That light fixture you’ve been meaning to change ever since you moved four years ago. Perhaps all these small details are now slowly becoming more bothersome than ever, because you’re facing them everyday. Well, why not take this opportunity to switch your space from eyesore to eye candy?

Here are scenarios that may bring forth painful souvenirs. Do these feel like a walk through memory lane straight from your nightmares? Then Space Designer 3D is the tool for you.

1- Your living room has been painted a boring white ever since you moved in.

It was all good and well until quarantine hit, and you’ve now been staring at these four white walls, everyday, for months. So you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and paint your accent wall a nice burgundy.

That Saturday morning, you drag your hubby out of bed and hit the road. But at the Home Depot aisle, your husband starts to question your decision (“Is burgundy even a colour, honey? Why not a nice dark blue? And really, white is as good a colour, we can leave it as is”). And just like that, doubts creeps in. What if burgundy is a terrible idea? What if dark blue really is the right choice? Worse yet, what if you hate any color that isn’t white? Fear not! Space Designer 3D can help you define the new colors you want your accent wall to be. Just draw your living room in the software, sit down on your sofa with your husband and a glass of white wine and serenely choose between the 16 777 216 types of colours available in Space Designer 3D. Burgundy isn’t a colour, hubby thinks? Wait ‘till he hears about Razzmatazz and Malachite.

2- That’s it. Apartment living is enough.

Sunbathing on your balcony may have been enough for the past 3 months… but the idea has anchored itself and you’re now positive : you want to move into a house with a garden. Luckily enough, your search is fruitful. Only hiccup along the way? The house is actually smaller than the apartment you’re living in. There is a garden though… so how to choose what furniture stays, and what furniture goes?

From the plan of your new house, draw your house design. Take your tape measurer and take down the dimensions of the furniture you own. Adapt the dimensions on the software of your couch, shelves, and so on. Try to fit it all in your new house. Space Designer 3D might force you to say goodbye to this IKEA lounge chair you have been dragging around with you in all your previous moves. It might ask you to get rid of your papasan, that just doesn’t fit anywhere in your new living room. But you know what? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your furniture anyway. Sell the old on Craigslist, and avoid packing a moving truck full of furniture you’re going to have to get rid of anyway.

3- You’ve upgraded your family recently.

The new additions, Peanut and Butter, your two rescue puppies, are taking a lot of space in your life… and on your couch. So much space in fact, that there isn’t that much space for you… or the rest of the family.

You have had this three seater sofa ever since you moved out of your parents’ house, but you’ve been eyeing this angle corner couch for a while now. With a seven seater, it would fit everyone in the family, including Peanut and Butter. You’re wondering if it would fit into your house? Set your space up in Space Designer 3D and wonder no more. Find out which corner can accommodate your new sofa, and make your couch available for your entire family.

4- It’s official, remote work is going to become part of your routine… for the foreseeable future.

Your office is now officially your kitchen counter (“no need for a stand-up desk”, said your wife, “just use the kitchen counter”), or your dining room table (“Daddy, can you open the jam for me?” “Not now Jake, I’m in a meeting”), or the laundry room… Wherever there is space, really. But now you need to find a more suitable, long-lasting decision, so that you may concentrate on the work you’re supposed to be doing, and not your kid’s homework. Luckily, Space Designer 3D can help. Draw your house plan and reorganize your space to give yourself some private time during your working hours. Add a few partition walls and make yourself a small office space. Exchange your older son’s bedroom and transform it into a home office… or create one in your backyard. Office gardens are all the rage this season.

As you’ve seen, Space Designer 3D isn’t just for other people. It’s also for you.

Sign up now, and start drawing your floor plans.