Design a Room Online

Are you ready for a new interior? Do you want to completely transform a space in your house? You can do this all by yourself with our tips. Style everything in your room to your personal taste. From 3D designs to tips for making a floor plan and furnishing a room, you will find it here!

Room information and layout

A 3D floor plan of your interior

Want to take your floor plan to a higher level? Draw it in 3D! There are various apps for this where you can draw your house in 3D and walk in it as if it real life. Get an even better picture of the spaces and design your interior, down to the last detail! We have listed a few useful design apps for you.

Magic Plan

The Magic Plan app measures your room, without moving any furniture nor needing a tape measurer. You do need some practice to measure your room properly, but after a few tries you will be ready in no time. Open your camera and the app calculates the size of the room.

Flexa Visualizer

Do you dream of a blue wall? There are so many shades of blue, it's sometimes hard to see the difference. Fortunately, The Flexa Visualizer app can be downloaded in no time. You install it, choose your color and point your camera at the wall. This way you can immediately see how that color would look on your wall. Still in doubt? Share the image with your friends. You don't have to make the choice alone.

Palette Cam

Color, color and even more color; some of us love it! Usually choosing one beautiful color is a breeze, but after that? The walls and your furniture must of course match. Palette Cam gives you a color palette for your favorite color. This way you immediately have enough colors to choose from! You can even create a color palette from a fun holiday photo.

Ikea Place

We've seen it often enough: if you buy a nice, new item and it doesn't fit as you expected. The Ikea Place app wants to prevent that. Augmented Reality allows you to 'try out' the furniture first. Via the app you can put the items in your room to see if it looks nice in your interior. You can even walk around and see it as if it were there. Easily ask for advice from friends and family, just send them the image et voilà, help is on the way.

About Art

Buying art can be difficult. Where should you look? Does it fit in your house? Are you going to like it? This has all been solved with the About Art app. With this app you can simply buy art from your couch. This app, just like the Ikea Place app, works with Augmented Reality. This way you can first 'fit' the art on your wall before you buy a piece. In addition, this app is also full of information about all pieces of art, you can also tell your visitors something interesting.

Final Design

A major part of designing a room is the design style itself. You may already have an exact idea or theme of what you want and how you want the room to feel, but in case you haven’t... here are a few timeless tips and trends that can point you in the right direction or at the very least add some variety to an already existing design.

Paint or wallpaper for the ceiling

A lot of people have the misconception that a ceiling must be white. Did you know that is not entirely necessary to create an open feeling? A light color or a sleek piece of wallpaper will cast a new shadow on the ceiling, adding the fresh feeling of an open space.

Light walls and floors

Where dark colors absorb light, soft colors reflect light, automatically making the space appear larger. Following the ceiling, it is logical to choose a light-colored wall and floor. There are a lot of shades and color shades that provide the right effect. Lovers of wood in the interior can already cheer, because the average parquet or wooden interior also fits perfectly with a light-colored style.

Think about furniture

Do you have a small living room? Try - in addition to tidying up - to opt for one sturdy seat, instead of several seats that take up too much space. To create an extra feeling of space, it is ideal not to immediately place the furniture against the wall. By being able to move the seat around, you also have the feeling that there is more space. If you are going on a furniture hunt, choose one key piece of furniture. Opting for a simple color that matches the rest of your interior or the walls is a good idea. Do you want more color in your interior? By choosing pillows in bright colors, you can create a contrast that also ensures openness.

Go for a transparent interior

A trend that we do not always dwell on is that of the transparent interior. A glass table or cabinets that you can see through give you an extra feeling of space, and looks very sophisticated!

Stripes are your best friend

One style that has blown over from fashion is the thought that stripes slim down. All the more reason to test it in your interior with a stripe pattern rug that will do the trick. Mind you, place the lined carpet in line with your room.

Mirrors do the job

Mirrors can work wonders in a many types of spaces. They reflect the light, which automatically makes your home look more spacious. Consider one oversized mirror on the wall that provides the most daylight. And yes, a large mirror is ideal for checking your outfit just before going out.

Get rid of curtains

If you want to make a living space look really big, you can immediately distance yourself from curtains or shutters. When you focus only on your windows, you create a feeling that your room automatically looks much bigger. The only downside to this is a reduction in privacy. This is a trade-off you will have to consider.

A little art

It may sound strange to some, but did you know that you can make your home feel more alive and spacious if you hang a touch of art? Artwork is an excellent way to expand your room as it provides a focal point in the room. Everything around it seems accentuated. Also ideal for adding a cozy touch to a bare, spacious wall.

We truly hope that the design and style tips in this article will help you on your room modeling journey. And by implementing and mastering these techniques yourself you will not only save money, but have fun doing it!

All these applications and tips can be implemented in Space Designer 3D, to see the overall theme (color, style) of your design. The next step is to go shopping and DIY your renovation, or get help from a professional to make your design come true.