Design a room online


Are you ready for a new interior? Do you want to completely transform a space in your house? You can do this all by yourself with our tips. Style everything in your room to your personal taste. From 3D designs to tips for making a floor plan and furnishi

So you've been quarantining


Since quarantine started, we have never spent as much time at home. Working, relaxing, making dinner instead of going out to eat, even exercising, for the brave souls who wish to keep in shape despite gyms being closed. If we spent time in our houses befo

Interior Decor : why is it important?


Here are easy ways to make your house feel like a home. In the words of Eche Martinez, "make sure you're having fun. What's more fun than making your own home more beautiful?"

Furniture and Event Testimonials


We have been lucky to grow alongside our customers in the past ten years. Some have been with us from the very beginning, and some we’ve been fortunate enough to start working with over the past few years

Tendencies of Modular Construction


If you have ever wondered whether modular construction was a good fit for you or your company, let's evaluate the pros and cons.

Is Space Designer 3D the right tool for you ?


Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of real estate properties were presented by a real-life salesperson, who would be present with the client to showcase the home. For custom housing, the salesperson would meet with the client a few times to d

The dematerialization and digitalization of floor plans


Floor plans, simply put, are lifesavers. Their job is to ensure that any and all challenges faced before construction are confronted with straight away, before the first brick is put down, before the first wall is teared down. You can play with partitions

Physical Distancing Tool


Our simple and flexible software tool allows businesses to create a reassuring Covid-proof layouts and floor plans quickly and efficiently without the need for investment in infrastructure.

Australia's Technological Advancement


Australia isn’t afraid of disruption; isn’t afraid to take risks and test technologies that haven’t yet had much success elsewhere. Australia isn’t afraid because they are trained to see technology not as a disruptor, but in many regards, as an improvemen

4 ways going digital is reducing waste


Should the construction industry go digital? Digital began its invasion of the construction industry almost 15 years ago, but it really took off two or three years ago. A disaster? Not really.