Gamify the experience


Using Space Designer 3D to gamify your online user experience Space Designer 3D is taking an innovative approach to the online floor planning and architecture industry. Our innovation? 3D visualization and online interaction to gamify the online user

Q&A with Space Designer 3D: Transforming the Architectural Landscape in the Software Industry


The world of architecture is vast and serves all types of businesses. These businesses, in turn, serve the people: their buildings, their houses- their projects. What architecture doesn’t do is bridge the gap between architects and their clients. Most peo

Using Design Tools to Create the Perfect Home Office


Who says you have to be an interior designer to create your own home office in 3D and then bring it to life? 3D design software has gone far, and you don’t need extensive knowledge and skill to use it. Most apps, including [Space Designer 3D](https://www.

2D vs 3D : Why it Should Matter to You and Your Business


Deciding to build a custom house is no small decision. Finding the right builder can be just as difficult. So why would 3D plans help you get more customers?

Avoiding Mistakes When Designing Your Floorplans


In this article, we will see the best techniques to avoid the common pitfalls when designing.